Who Are We?

HOME’N’US is a wellknown and recognized company that works for you. We are well respected and trusted in the Construction Industry with all reputed builders and developers.

We have reached the position we are in due to developing an excellent relationship with the largest property developers in India and enabling us to bring high quality properties to our clients first before they are made available to the general public and investors at large thereby giving our clients the largest available choice of properties being developed within the major cities of the Mumbai and other cities too.

What We Do?

HOME’N’US has an active interest across many sectors of the property industry - We can advise in all aspects of the establishment, financing and marketing of INDIAN property development and investment, including residential and commercial developments and redevelopments, private estates and land.

HOME’N’US offers a personal brokerage service which saves you money, time and effort; making investment in property cost effective, time efficient and stress free. Our private clients can be assured that we always maintain discretion and client confidentiality.

We can provide the following facilities to you :

Prelaunch Investments
Project Management
Financial Services

What Make Us Different?

We are not different by accident, we work on it based on the feedback from the most people that matter, you. Below are some of the reasons that make us different. HOME’N’US Research assesses risks and opportunities for all the market sectors in which we operate by combining access to local data, analysis and forecasts with the findings of our own in-house research and forecasting programme. HOME’N’US uses the results, together with the insights of our local real estate partners, to generate a projected return for each asset which is balanced by our assessment of its risk. The research team combines the insight of a local presence with the consistency of a central team. Our network of local research analysts uses the most well known, and some less well-known, information sources in each market to keep our view as current as possible.

Our customer service, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to suit your needs.

We work around you, for your convenience, allowing you to carry on your daily business. Perfect for the busy professional, with little or no spare time and individuals who do not like wasting their precious time inspecting properties that with hindsight, were never going to fit their criteria.

Handling on our clients behalf the micro-management and minute detail needed to buy an investment property eliminating stress, aggravation, and needless headaches that are often part and parcel of buying investment property.

We always listen to what you, our client wants, finding you what you want, not just offering you what we have.

If you are not sure what to buy, we will always advise you what not to buy based on expertise, experience and integrity.

Can often negotiate a significant level of discount from the original purchase price.